Sunday, January 2, 2011

"He's her lobster" Bridal Shower - August 2008

I am a huge fan of the TV show Friends so when my sister's to be husband (at the time) suggested Friends as the theme of my sister Marie's bridal shower I was very excited.  I didn't want to be too cliche' with huge coffee mugs as centerpieces and Ross and Rachel t-shirts so I dug deep and thought about "The one with the prom video".  In this episode Ross is upset about Rachel not wanting to be with him (again) and Phoebe tries to calm him down with the explanation of why Ross & Rachel belong together, because she's his lobster.  See the following youtube clip (click here if video below does not work:

So we went with a "He's her lobster theme".  Here are some pictures of the invitation, centerpieces, decorations, etc. I created with the help of my husband and mother.

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