Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July BBQ

My friend Jill (whom I've collaborated with for the MMCC - Wine Tasting & Seal Day) had a July 4th BBQ full of good friends, food, fun, and a little alcohol. :)  My husband and I were in charge of desserts and I took the opportunity to try out something new I discovered on the Hostess with the Mostess blog.  The Stars & Stripes Cheesecake Shots is a recipe by Carrie of Half Baked.  These were super easy and tasted great!  I'm hoping to try these again next weekend for another party!

I did more cookie pops made with Chips Ahoy and this time Orange Cremesicle Oreos.  I also added labels to all of the desserts with July 4th & American Comic Book themed names like Wonder Woman Cookie Pops & Captain America Marshmallows. 

I had a mini "accident" and dropped the tupperware carrying everything.  Mostly everything survived, but the cupcakes really took the worst hit.  Good thing I made 48!  And left 1 thing of tupperware in the car for my husband to bring in after he parked the car. 


Sweet Baby Sprinkle - Party in Progress

A friend from work is having a new baby girl pretty soon and we all wanted to get together and throw him a baby 'sprinkle'.  His wife and him wanted to go modern / neutral and chose green and yellow.  I added some grey since it is also neutral and because grey and yellow are my new favorite colors (for now).  The next few pictures are of the diaper cake centerpieces, vases, fan backdrop, invites, and labels I created so far for the party which is next weekend. 

I found the fan backdrop idea from the Hostess with the Mostess blog (where I visit frequently!).  It was super easy and I was able to use paper I had already and printed some extra patterns to go more with the theme colors.   

Cookie Pops!

A friend was having a "Disco-Dbo Fest" weekend camping trip for his 29th birthday and we wanted to bring something fun and still within the 70's theme.  I love cake pops and discovered something a little different through Bakerella's wonderful blog ( - Cookie Pops.  These are a little easier than cake pops, but still kinda time consuming.  All you do is

1. Crush cookies - I used food processor
2. Add cream cheese
3. Form into balls / shapes
4. Dip into melted chocolate / peanutbutter chips / candy coating
5. Add sprinkles

Here's my first try at Cookie Pops using Chips Ahoy (my husband's favorite) and Nutter Butter Cookies. 

I made Psychedelic Cookie Pops with Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, cream cheese, peanut butter chips, and chocolate psychedelic sprinkles.  I also made some Shagadelic Cookie Pops with Nutter Butters, cream cheese, white chocolate chips, and shagadelic coconut.

I finally bought some tupperware that fit my cake / cookie pops perfectly!  Its a little hard to get them in and out of the tupperware, but worth the protection these give!