Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ribbon Curtains - March 2010

I made my first ribbon curtain as a last minute detail for the Sugar & Spice Baby shower.  It was so easy and added such a pretty backdrop for the dessert table I wanted to spend some time and create more for the next few parties I'm helping with.

The first few are for my niece and to be god-daughter's Christening - I actually made 4.  The background is inexpensive window panels from Walmart decorated with classic pink and white satin ribbon and lace.  Will show more pictures after the party.  The next ones are for a friend's boy baby shower.  They gave me a ribbon swatch and asked for green and blue dots.  I used a plastic tablecloth and green and blue ribbon from Walmart.  The last ones are for my god-daughter's 3rd birthday party.  She loves Minnie Mouse so the lots and lots of polka dots will hopefully be perfect!

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