Monday, May 16, 2011

Desserts for Donations - Seal Day Cake Pops Preparation

I love working with the Marine Mammal Care Center (MMCC).  My friend Jill is the marketing director for the MMCC and when she asked me to do a dessert table for donations to support the seals I knew it had to be blue and I had to do some sort of seal as a dessert.

I started with cake ball pops.  I love Bakerella and use her recipe each time I create a batch of these.  I start a few days ahead of an event to space everything out.  I made lemon, german chocolate, and french vanilla cakes on Wednesday, covered them in foil and let them cool overnight at room temperature.

On Thursday, I formed the cake balls.  First I crumbled the cake...

Then I added 1/2 container of icing to each - vanilla to the vanilla, lemon to the lemon, and chocolate to the chocolate.

And then formed the cake balls - made about 150 of these and it only took a few hours - Ok maybe 4.

On Friday I had date night with my husband and went to the movies to see Thor - which is my new favorite movie.  I love that hot australian dude - Chris Hemsworth - see pic below and tell me you don't agree :)

So on Saturday I dipped the cake balls in white and blue candy coating and / or white chocolate.  This is normally the more difficult part.  The white chocolate actually worked better with the cake balls that were too sticky (had too much icing).  For the seals I used white candy coating and white sugar sprinkles for the fur, candy eyes, trader joe's chocolate niblets for the nose, and chocolate sprinkles for the mouth.  

Here they are drying on some styrofoam.  I loved how these turned out.  My husband Matt thought they looked scared and I said - of course they do!  They know they are going to get snacked on tomorrow!

I made the ocean blue cake pops with blue candy coating or white chocolate colored blue with Wilton's candy coating coloring.  Then I sprinkled them with blue and / or white sugar.

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