Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweet Romance Bridal Shower - Part 1 of 2

My friend Victoria was one of the first to support me in this new endeavor.  And when she told me she wanted help to plan her bridal shower, I was very excited!  Not only to return the favor, but to be able to decorate in a way that fits Victoria's impecable taste!  She wanted classic romance with a little glam.  I created another fan backdrop for this one because this is my new favorite decoration.  We also added a few new things for desserts and as always used Trader Joe's for cookies & flowers.

Mock dessert table set up (table cloth is blanket from ikea, I now have ones in brown & white too!)

Vases with rose fabric

Homemade felt roses

Signs for different areas at the party

Napkin ring favors

Fan backdrop

Cake pop ingredients

Step 1 - bake cake

Step 2 - Cut cake into crumbs

Step 3 - Add 1/2 to 3/4 container of icing and mix in with knives and metal spoon

Step 4 - form 1 tbsp sized cake balls

Step 5 - refrigerate balls before ready to use

Chocolate cake pop decorations

Step 6 - reform ball as needed, dip lolli pop stick into chocolate and into ball, re-refrigerate cake pops

Step 7 - Dip cake pops 1 at a time into chocolate & tap off excess

Step 8 - Add sprinkles and stick in styrofoam / on parchent paper to dry

Strawberries & Cream - Step 1 - cut out center with melon baller

Step 2 - Add whipped cream to plastic bag & cut bottom corner

Step 3 - Pipe whipped cream into each strawberry

Step 4 - Add about 4 almond slivers to each strawberry

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