Friday, June 10, 2011

Rock with Reef 1st Birthday Party - Part 2 of 3

This is post 2 of 3 from Reef's 1st Birthday Party. You can find the first post here and the invites for the party here.

I swear I had so much fun putting this all together and could not have done it without the help of Maria, Ryan, and Maria's awesome parents!! And to add to that our friend, also named Maria, was too sweet and generous to donate such a beautiful homemade smash cake with homemade fondant zebra print for little Reef and amazing cupcakes with homemade fondant microphones and guitars for the rest of us. I'm saving the last post for the desserts, but at the end of this one there's a preview of the dessert table.

Maria and Ryan just finished remodeling their back yard with the help of Maria's parents and it looked perfect! The first few pictures show decorations around the balcony including pictures of Reef during the first 12 months of his life, posters of Rockin' with Reef, and favors for kids (games, bubbles, rockin rubber duckies, etc.) & adults (VIP backstage passes).

These pictures show some Reef Rockstar Trophies for guests who won either the Rock the Washer game, Guitar Hero challenge, or Dance Central.  And you can see the set up of the guest tables and bar area.   

These centerpieces were so easy to make.  Thanks to a friend from work who had like 7 empty coffee cans and my husband who provided the empty Arizona Ice Tea cans.  I just wrapped those, added stars, and some chinese chop sticks for drum set centerpieces.  Those little Reef faces are actually guitar clips with Reef on one side and zebra print on the other. 

Reef's dad Ryan is a big Guns N Roses fan so we made sure to use a lot of GNR songs in the labels.

Knockin on Heaven's Dippy Door

Welcome to the Jungle of Veggies

And here's the rockstar of the hour - Reef.  Such a cutie pie!  So good and so much fun!

Ryan and Maria have this awesome rockstar red chair we used for people to take photos "Like a Rock Star".  We had a mini station with props and inflatable guitars and microphones too.  The kids loved it most!

You couldn't get into the party with out Reef's rock star VIP Backstage Pass.  Thank you again to Victoria for the lanyards.  The passes themselves were just laminated cardstock - I really do love my new laminating machine. 

And thank you to Devin for sponsoring the party with Beer! 

Rock the Washer Game - these two were pros!

Don't Cry - the primo is here

Night Train Refreshments

It's So Easy to Rock with Reef for Guitar Hero Challenge

Sweet Child O' Mine for the dessert table - this is the sneak peak :)

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