Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet Child O' Mine Rockstar Party in Progress

I was asked to help friends of ours with their first born's first birthday party and when I showed them a few party example pictures - they fell in love with a rockstar party :)  Especially since dad is a huge Guns N' Roses (GNR) fan.  We will add GNR details to the party, which will also include guitar hero games, drum set centerpieces, rockstar cake pops, and a black / white zebra with aqua blue color scheme.  Many more details to follow, but for now here are some pictures of the invitations.

This little one is amazing.  I met with mom and Reef to go over details and he was full of personality!  Definitely an entertainer :)  Mom and dad took this picture of little Reefster, which was perfect for the invite!

I attached magnets to the back of the invites so guests can place them on their fridges for easy remembering. 

I made the invites with my silhoutte digital cutting machine - here's the pattern I cut out.

and here's the finished pile of envelopes:

Here are the invites all ready to be stamped and placed in the mail.

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