Monday, July 4, 2011

Cookie Pops!

A friend was having a "Disco-Dbo Fest" weekend camping trip for his 29th birthday and we wanted to bring something fun and still within the 70's theme.  I love cake pops and discovered something a little different through Bakerella's wonderful blog ( - Cookie Pops.  These are a little easier than cake pops, but still kinda time consuming.  All you do is

1. Crush cookies - I used food processor
2. Add cream cheese
3. Form into balls / shapes
4. Dip into melted chocolate / peanutbutter chips / candy coating
5. Add sprinkles

Here's my first try at Cookie Pops using Chips Ahoy (my husband's favorite) and Nutter Butter Cookies. 

I made Psychedelic Cookie Pops with Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, cream cheese, peanut butter chips, and chocolate psychedelic sprinkles.  I also made some Shagadelic Cookie Pops with Nutter Butters, cream cheese, white chocolate chips, and shagadelic coconut.

I finally bought some tupperware that fit my cake / cookie pops perfectly!  Its a little hard to get them in and out of the tupperware, but worth the protection these give! 

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