Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pink Lace Christening - March 2011 (Part 2 of 2)

My best friend Chrissy took these beautiful photos of the Christening.  Part 1 can be found here.

First the dress and the favors - my sister picked an elegant silk dress with lace and pearl details.  The favors were Italian and had 5 almonds sewn in them for good luck!

This was one of many ribbon curtains I made for the event.  The transport of them caused some wrinkling that they did not recover from.  The one we used was pretty cool and we were able to straighten it out pretty well.

These guys are too much - so happy and so in love with their tiny little beautiful baby.

My mom did all the cooking.  Everything turned out great and we had leftovers for the entire week.

My dad made this buffet table - he built a lot of the furniture in the house and the house itself!  In his spare time he's now babysitting my niece Mia while mom and dad are at work!

These transported really well in tupperware in my checked bag - made these the Thursday before the Sunday party and they still tasted really good!  I'm not a fan of the non-perils, but they went well with the pearls on Mia's christening gown.

She really is the cutest baby ever!  Thank you again Chrissy for these amazing pictures!  And thank you to Elwood and Marie for chosing me to be Mia's godmother and to allow me to decorate the party!

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